2010 Wrap-up

Figured 1/1/11 would be as good a day as any to write my end-of-year wrap-up.   Here’s what happened to us in 2010, going backwards:

December 31: Frank accepted a new job as CTO of CDS Global (haha – if you don’t put in the dash it takes you to a company that makes software for the fashion world. This is not Frank’s new employer). We’re pretty excited about the new opportunity & new challenges. THE HQ FOR CDS IS IN DES MOINES, WHICH I THINK IS DRIVABLE FROM MADISON, WHERE ALYN LIVES.

December 5: Christopher and I completed** a half-marathon in Las Vegas (Frank did it with us and was a HUGE help, but I didn’t include him in the first sentence because it’s hardly newsworthy for him to have done a half-marathon. It’s not even newsworthy that he’d run a marathon in Death Valley the day before. He’s a machine.).  Here’s a lovely picture of us after the race, in front of the beautiful port-a-potties. At the time I thought I was smiling, but that’s a grimace if i ever saw one. Give me a break – my legs were about to fall off:

This was a pretty big accomplishment for me since I function on just one lung. I took a really long time to finish, but ended up well under the cut-off and pleased with myself.  Christopher could have finished about an hour ahead of me, but stayed with me without complaining. I think he probably ran an extra couple of miles by running far ahead and then coming back to my slow-ass self, because he was bored. It appears he’s got Frank’s amazing, freak-of-nature running gene. Ought to be interesting.  The other milestone for this trip was that Christopher rode his first upside-down roller coaster (the New York, New York) and LOVED it.

**Notice i said “completed” and not “ran” – intentionally.

October 8-15: Went to Maui with our friends Nathan & Truly. Had a great time. Went on a helicopter. Laughed. Drank. Swam. Ate. Took pics. Awesome trip.

October 6: We bought a lakehouse!  Well, half a lakehouse. The other half belongs to my parents, but they’re good at sharing. It’s a great house with even better decks on Lake LBJ, and I anticipate spending much of our summer out there.  We’ve gone out there mot of the weekends we’ve been in town since we’ve bought it, and it’s already a great place to hang out even if the weather’s too cold for swimming & skiing.  Here’s our view:

July 18-25: went on a Caribbean cruise with both sets of parents. Had a great time, except for when my dad passed out in the dining room from dehydration (he had a virus, apparently) and people screamed. That part wasn’t so great, but it was memorable!

July 1: 10-year anniversary.  Noice. The weekend before, we rented a house in Sonoma with some friends and did a bunch of wine tasting. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate. ALYN WAS ONE OF THE FRIENDS WHO JOINED US.

June 9-15: We traveled to Utah, Idaho and Colorado so that Frank could run 3 marathons in 3 days. What a nut. He did great. We rode horses in the rain in Utah, were on a plane that almost crashed between Salt Lake City and Denver, tasted wine in Estes Park, and miniature golfed in Denver.

May 1-8: We went on a week-long sailboat trip in the Bahamas’ Exuma Islands, which I’ve already blogged about in detail. It was an amazing trip, and I think it made a huge impression on Christopher. IT’S TOO BAD ALYN COULDN’T JOIN US BUT SHE WENT TO ISRAEL INSTEAD.

Ok, I’ve run out of steam.

Other places we traveled this year: India (Frank only), New York, Boston, the Poconos, Milwaukee WHERE WE DID NOT SEE ALYN, St George (Utah), and Chicago WHERE ALYN WAS ALSO AND YET WE DID NOT SEE HER.

Frank read 152 books in 2010. I read a paltry 40.

Frank ran 17 marathons and directed 2.

Twas a busy year.

*sorry for all the Alyns.  “Someone” complained that this post didn’t contain enough Alyn, so I had to remedy the situation.

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