Summer Preview

…in which our heroine reprises her role as ‘Girl Behind Camera.’

Saturday morning the Dodgers prevailed against the Mets 17-12 despite only having 6 players present. Here’s a picture of Christopher, #16, looking baseball ready:

After the game, we headed out to the lakehouse again. Our friend Steve & his baby Gavin joined us. Gavin got his first jet ski ride:


Our friends Ryan & Allegra joined us later in the day, and brought us a fabulous chicken parmesan dinner. Even Mr Picky Christopher said it was DELICIOUS, which is a pretty big deal. After dinner, Steve & Gavin headed back to civilization, while we headed off for a sunset boat ride.

Several things happened:

1. We miscalculated the amount of light left in the day.

2. We had never taken the boat out on this lake at night.

3. We had a really great time just drifting with the boat turned off, swimming & hanging out under the stars. When it was time to go, I started up the boat and heard the most disappointing sound a boat own can hear: CHKHCHCHCCKCKCKKKKKJ. Yup. I’d run up onto a rock/sandbar. Allegra & Frank jumped in the water and pushed us out past a buoy we’d just noticed. Oops. C was really distressed about it, especially when we realized we weren’t sure of our exact position on the lake, but I got us home. Like a boss.

Here’s a pic of the damage the next morning:




Today we tooled around on the jet ski and paddleboard.

Beefcake & Mini Beefcake




Ryan tried out the paddleboard, too. We told him to paddle into the wind so it’d be easier for him on the way back. Well, Ryan happened to be paddling when the wind shifted direction, and picked up speed –  & the temp dropped a good 20 degrees almost immediately.

Here’s Ryan paddling into the wind when the weather was still warm:

Here’s poor Ryan fighting the wind & waves on the way back. It was HARD work.

So, minus the busted prop and trying to drown Ryan, we had a great time.

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