A Picture Paints Six Words

We’ve started giving Bacchus a very small amount of food in the morning (in addition to his nighttime feeding) to prevent him from throwing up every day, and to put a little weight on him. It seems to have worked, mostly.

And to be nice, we also give Jax a very small amount. But I guess we’ve been forgetting to subtract that amount from his dinner portion, and he’s getting a little….broad. So, we’ve been cutting back especially on his breakfast.

Here is Jax today. Forget a thousand words; this picture only needs six:




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  1. CARLA says:


  2. Sam Millus says:

    Oh my god! We had to do the exact same thing with our lab and golden. Poe(the lab) gets breakfast and lunch now, Stella gets breakfast and a handful at lunch…she always looks at me like ‘seriously?!?’

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