Adventures in Pasta Making, Lesson #1: More Flour

makingartisanpastaFrank bought some pasta roller attachments for my KitchenAid mixer, along with a ravioli plate and this book, for my birthday on Tuesday. Sweet! And thus began the Great Pasta Adventure – and at a time when we’d all but given up on the carby little devils. I’m really, really looking forward to working our way through the book together.

For our first trick, we decided to try fettuccine with a meat sauce. I’ll admit that much of the sauce came from a jar, but since we were focusing on making noodles for the first time I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. Here’s how it went, with pictures:

We made the dough according to the instructions at the beginning of the book, using the paddle attachment of the KitchenAid. Then Frank made it into a lump. A very professional looking lump!


Next, we covered it with a bowl for 30 minutes. What happens under the bowl is a mystery!

The dough needs some alone time before it can be shaped.

The dough needs some alone time before it can be shaped.


Afterward, we split the dough in two and froze the other half for future pasta experiments.

Next we used the pasta roller attachment (ending up at setting 5) to create long pasta sheets like this:


So far, so good! There’s nothing to this pasta makin’ stuff!



Perhaps a little more flour would help.




This is an advanced technique. Not just anyone can make the fettuccine resemble both worms AND unfurling fern fronds.



Another advanced technique which I have dubbed Medusaccine. Don’t look at it directly.


Ah, now we're talking. And what are we saying?  Flour. Flour. Flour.

Ah, now we’re talking. And what are we saying? Flour. Flour. Flour.

But wait! See how lovely it looks when arranged in the nest! Darn near spectacular!


And after a quick boil:


Look. The important thing is that it tasted great!


I got a little grumpy during the drying stage, but it was gratifying to see that it turned out ok in the end (slightly less gratifying was that Frank got to tell me, I told you it’d be fine!) And look, the cutest wine drip ever.


So, what have we learned today, boys and girls?  With the right tools, pasta isn’t hard at all to make. And with the right amount of flour, it might even look nice.

Next up: ravioli.

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