Bahamas Boat Vacation Day 1

Last week, we took a trip to the Bahamas, where we spent a week on a sailboat with some good friends.

This was more of an adventure trip than a luxury one: we slept in really basic bunks, and we bathed in the ocean using Lemon Joy (which left us much cleaner and refreshed than I expected it to!).

But we’d already taken several cruises and were looking for something more low-key and to experience things we’d never done before.

My friend Heather had already sailed with this particular captain 3 or 4 times, and the descriptions of her trips made us really enthusiastic, so we put together a group of people we knew we could get along with for a week in close quarters (and who wouldn’t mind Lemon Joy baths). Christopher would get to have two of his best buddies with him on the trip and miss a week of school, so he was really excited.

We had a really great time and, happily, everyone remained friends after our week together.

Day 1 – Saturday

In typical Livaudais style, we cut our flight pretty close and showed up to the gate just in time to board – noice!

Two flights and a cab later, we were all at the marina to board the Bahama Star. There were to be 14 passengers (and 4 crew) on the boat, and we’d brought 11 of them. The other 3 were some guys from South Carolina who were on the trip to do some fishing.  We were excited about this, because Heather mentioned that, in theory, if they caught mahi or tuna, we could have fresh sushi.

By the time everyone was at the boat, it was early evening, so we just pulled out into the bay and anchored for the night. The kids got to jump off the boat and swim around, and then we took a dinghy back to shore to let them explore an old fort. Everyone climbed around the walls and on the cannons.

the Bahama Star



Me, Frank and a cannon



Our little monkey running up a cannon



Frank and one of our friends



Dinner was taco salad, and then everyone sort of crashed.

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