Bahamas Day 2

We were headed to the Exumas, an island chain in the Bahamas a few hours away, so today started out with a long boat ride.

The sea was a bit rocky today, and everyone took their bonine or Dramamine. Still, a couple of the kids got sick and some of the adults were woozy. (The 3 of us were absolutely fine the whole trip. The Livaudaises are still meant to be a seafaring bunch, apparently.)

While we were on our way, the fishermen got their lines in the water. The fishing added to people’s wooziness because we kept stopping the boat, which made us rock all different directions, but it also provided some entertainment during the long ride.

The first catch was a pretty decent-sized barracuda. Our fisherman chopped it up into pieces after terrorizing the children with it, to save and use later for shark bait. He explained that barracudas are only eaten by other barracudas and by sharks.



Finally, we starting seeing some gorgeous blue-green water, and arrived at Allen’s Cay.

This place was notable because it had some huge, friendly iguanas. They were North Bahamanian rock iguanas, and their population is dwindling (from hunting and being eaten by feral pigs), so each one of these guys had been marked and was being studied.  Bruce & Sheila (the captains) gave us a bag of lettuce to feed the iguanas, and we were impressed by how close they’d come to us.


Everyone played in the sand and snorkeled or swam for a few hours, and then snorkeled again around the boat, where we found a ton of sand dollars.

Check out the eye stalks on this conch. I loved this guy.


The Bahama Star from the beach


hubba hubby



Frank took this pic by sticking the camera underwater while we were in the dinghy. I was impressed he got the ray.

C dove down to get this one himself




We had some great conch chowder for dinner, and stayed up late drinking & hanging out.

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