Bahamas Day 4

The boys got up at the crack of dawn and began jumping off the boat. C and D happily jumped off the bow, but Christopher was a bit too scared to try it – he got upset after a while with all the taunting from his friends, which we sort of ignored in the hopes that they’d convince him to jump. He did jump off the side, near the front, which was almost as high, but he was pretty pissed about people bugging him. (It’s funny that Frank and I ended up with such a cautious kid – is this how he rebels against us?)

After breakfast, we sailed again and the guys caught 4 more dolphin fish.  D’s dad let D reel another one in, but he was disappointed to find out it wasn’t a keeper.

Today we arrived at Compass Cay, the first inhabited island we’d been on so far. The island is owned by a guy named Tucker, and there are a few vacation homes, a nice pier, a store/’restaurant’, a gorgeous beach, and a population of nurse sharks.

Nurse sharks are docile and friendly, and to me resembled giant catfish. We got to swim among them even during feeding time. Christopher was scared, at first, but even he got comfortable pretty quickly with the sharks.

After swimming with the sharks for a bit, we walked across the island to Crescent Beach. To call the beach beautiful would be an understatement. The sand was white, and the water was ideal in color and in temperature. Commercials should be filmed on this beach, it was so pretty.


While we were playing, a large sting ray swam within a couple feet of shore and glided by us slowly a few times.  It was a really pleasant afternoon.


When we got back to the boat, we were starving, and Bruce & Sheila did not disappoint. They’d set up a fryer on the dock and fried an entire turkey, which they served along with more mahi, potatoes, and veggies. It was delicious.



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