While I’m definitely in favor of more cool fall weather around here, I do appreciate the long growing season we have in central Texas.  For things like tomatoes & peppers, we actually get two growing seasons each year, and this fall is a season of plenty.

This morning I pulled about a dozen grape tomatoes and 3 large bell peppers off the vines, and there are many, many more in various stages of growing/ripening. C LOVES to snack on the tomatoes, and I’ll have peppers for my eggs & tacos for weeks now.

My pea, cucumber & broccoli plants all seem to be thriving in the cooler nighttime temps, and I’m really glad I didn’t rip out the broccoli last spring once it was done producing heads. It’s kinda cool to have a plant that will produce (hopefully) year after year.

The only gardening bummer is that I won’t have any lemons this year. I’m growing a Meyer lemon tree in a climate where it’s really iffy to do so, and last winter was really hard on the poor thing. I thought we’d lost the tree entirely, but in the Spring several main branches sprouted leaves, and I did a happy dance. After we cut off the dead wood, the tree really took off again, and I think it’ll be even stronger next year. My lemon tarts and sorbets will have to come from other people’s trees this year, but I’m looking forward to next year’s crop.


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