Easter Weekend Wrap-Up: Saturday & Sunday


After scooping up the boy from his sleepover, we had a pretty quiet afternoon until it was time to go to our friend/colleague’s house for margaritas and dinner. Though this friend has worked with Frank for years, this was one of the first times I’d really spent a lot of time with him and his wife & kids, and we had a great time.

Afterward, we met up with my family to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday and have a nightcap. The couple talked a bit about their hunt for a wedding reception venue, and said they’d settled on a date next May for the big event. We had a lot to celebrate, and had the hangovers the next morning to prove it.


As usual on Easter, we had a quiet morning together at home and then joined my parents at Frank’s parents’ house for Easter dinner. Here are some pics I took of the day:


Frank’s dad, my dad, and Frank

A cactus flower

Wild Texas turkeys

These turkeys were damn near as tall as I was. I trotted across the golf course to get pics of them, then flailed to get them to run away, then laughed as a

golf cart full of giggling seniors drove up laughing at my antics. Good time.

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