Easter Weekend Wrap-up: Thursday & Friday


Christopher didn’t have school Friday, so we headed out to the lakehouse Thursday evening, and my parents joined us.  Our neighbors out there invited us to go on a sunset wine cruise with them, so of course we obliged.  The next morning, we had a little bit of play/swim time.

After Frank’s run, he jumped in the lake to cool down. Jax had a few minutes of indecision:



…before deciding to go for it:


But then Frank had to go upstairs to take some conference calls, and that’s when trouble started. Christopher was doing his usual thing – jumping in and swimming around – when all of a sudden, Jax launched himself off the dock and started swimming furiously….after a duck. He swam and swam, and the duck glided effortlessly, and probably a bit mockingly, just out of reach. Once they got about 1/3 of the way across, the duck flew away. Of course. And poor Jax had no idea where he was. He started flailing around and swimming in circles, hearing my voice and trying to turn toward it but each time losing his way. After a minute, Christopher jumped in and swam out to get him.

Of course, we ended up with two tired boys. Christopher got tired from swimming & screaming, and Jax was fatigued from swimming around like a fool. I thought I was going to have to go in after them when Jax FINALLY noticed Christopher and followed him back to the dock.

The dog could barely, barely drag his stupid self out of the water, but two seconds later, he was at the edge of the dock looking out for ducks once again. Brilliant he is not.

About 15 minutes later, Jax started pawing at the gate and pointing (yeah, he’s a pointer. He points.) at something in the water. Christopher and I thought it was a buoy that had gotten away from someone’s dock, but it turned out to be – BRACE YOURSELFmost of a dead dog. It was sad, and disgusting, and disturbing. My first concern was that Christopher would be upset. He’s a huge dog lover. But I needn’t have worried. While I was a bit shaken up, he asked me to take a picture of the poor thing. I declined. And he said he thought it was pretty interesting. So maybe he’s destined for a career in medicine after all, Mr Sciency Scienceson.

The dog drifted away and we asked our neighbor to call the LCRA to handle it. We drove back to Austin. The End.

That afternoon, we dropped Christopher at a friend’s for a sleepover, and headed downtown.

We joined some friends at Malaga Tapas Bar, and WOW, did we enjoy that place. Our server was great, my mojito was pretty good, and everything we ordered was just wonderful. I think I most enjoyed the goat cheese and the beef tenderloin, but everything was really good.

After dinner we headed over to La Zona Rosa to see KT Tunstall. I enjoy this venue, but always forget how much I enjoy it until the next time I’m there. The first of the two opening bands, Miggs, was decent. Reminded me a bit of Jackopierce. The second, Robert Francis, we didn’t care for as much – though a Twitter friend of mine who was at the show really enjoyed him. And then KT came on. She sang new stuff and old, and the main impressions I was left with were: she’s fricking awesome live; and she had at least a good a time at the show as we did. It was a really nice evening.

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