Fall Risk

On the 5th, I had laparascopic surgery to diagnose/destroy endometriosis. I’ll let you google endometriosis, if you’d like, but will explain what a laparoscopy entails:

3 tiny incisions: one at navel, where they put in a camera; two lower down where they put in chopsticks lasers to burn a path of destruction. They also inflate your abdomen like a balloon and fill it with carbon dioxide so they have room to look around in there. This, to me, was the creepiest part to think about (and also causes the most pain afterwards, as the gas dissipates over the course of a day or two).

Happily, our dear friend Steve did my anesthesia, so I was comfortable and not too nervous about going under. Thanks, Steve. (Also, thanks for letting me keep my teeth & vocal cords! Woohoo!)

They sell this surgery as “band-aid” surgery, which is technically true, but gives an impression that the recovery is a piece of cake.¬† Now, compared to open surgery, I’m sure this is true, but I didn’t expect to be in bed for several days afterward, and tired for another week after that. (I’m naive.)

Whatever. Long story short, it was a success and other than soreness from surgery, I’m no longer having the pain & nausea I’d been having for a few months. Nice!

Oh! And they showed me pictures of my insides, which I thought was cool. Got to see a healthy appendix, some ligaments, and other stuff. I dig that stuff.

This was my favorite part of the day:


They put this bracelet on in addition to the ones with my name/procedure and drug allergies. When I giggled, the nurse told me it was to keep me from wandering around the hospital after my anesthesia. I said, “So if they see me walking around with one of these, they’ll catch me?” Yep. This, of course, made me want to run amok through the hospital in my gown, arms waving madly, just to test the theory, but I didn’t. I did laugh about it for a while, and left the bracelet on for a few days after the surgery just for the smile.



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