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There is always something interesting, quirky, creepy or funny to be found…especially in Frank’s side of the tree.  There are some really interesting people in my tree, but in general it’s pretty WASPy and English, while Frank’s is full of really colorful characters – like French privateers and hot-blooded Sicilians. Some of these characters distinguish themselves in fun ways.

This morning I peeked into the Massa family, one of Frank’s maternal lines. They emigrated to New Orleans from near Palermo, Sicily, in the 1880s. I found these two articles which, taken together, are hilarious (if you’re cynical. Which I am from time to time.)

Article one: from the New Orleans Item, 10/4/1917:


Article two: from the New Orleans Times Picayune, same day, evening edition:

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  1. Axel says:

    Which Smith family are your reltiaves? I knew Arnold and Leta and their children Phyllis, Arnie and Harry. Also Gladys and Leon Smith and their children and grandchildren. My grandparents were Susie and Albert Church and parents were Laura and Horace Chandler.Also, can you tell me the location of the Henry E. Smith Cemetery? I thought I knew most of the cemeteries in and around Jonesport, but can’t figure out where this one is located.Chris(tine) Gilbert

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