Goodbye, Sweet Bacchus

We lost a family member last Friday night, really suddenly. Bacchus the Vizsla was born on our wedding day, in July 2000, and was with us for 13 years. He was here to welcome Christopher home from the hospital, and Christopher was here to hug him goodbye. He collapsed, and I think suffered a stroke, but after that he just lay there calmly and didn’t react to us at all. I’m not sure he could see or hear us, but the silver lining is that we has time to say goodbye and that he was calm and unafraid. Frank took him to the hospital where we learned that he’d had a super aggressive, huge tumor on his spleen and liver that ruptured and bled massively inside. There was nothing left to do for him but to give him a merciful goodbye.

If you know us at all, you know that a Livaudais dog is a lucky, well-loved family member. We were lucky to have each other, and we’ll miss him so much.

Poor Jax is very sad, and wants all his people around him, preferably in the same room. We knew this would happen when Bacchus passed away, so we’re starting to think about a buddy for him. Christopher hasn’t had a puppy before, so we’ll probably get another Vizsla puppy and then think about a rescue for the next one (we’ll probably always have two dogs). Because Vizsla litters are few and far between, we may have to jump on an opportunity if we see one.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of Bacchus:


Bacchus with baby Jax

Bacchus (back) and Jax (front)

Jax (left) and Bacchus (right)

All 3 of our boys

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  1. Nana says:

    Very sweet memorial for Bacchus – He is probably “doggie smiling” as we speak. Hugs Love

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