Inner Space

Christopher has a little extra nook in his bedroom, and we’ve made it his work/study area.  Mostly, though, he uses it for drawing & storywriting, and I use the desk as a repository for all the papers he leaves lying around the house.

Yesterday I started going through the piles of paper, since the desk had long since been buried underneath them and was of no use to him. I made a few piles – 2009, 2010, and 2011 – and recycled anything that didn’t look like it ought to be saved.

It’s a pretty big task, but WOW is it a great glimpse into Christopher’s mind. I came across a fancy-looking box (below) that Frank had received as a holder to an ornament from a company event one year. Inside the box, lying in the silk recesses, were rubber lizards and spiders. Sorted into two piles.

I also came across a poster with little tidbits from each student in his second grade class. The assignment was evidently to write something nice about each classmate.  My favorite nice things:

“You have a nice longsleeves.”

“You are nice in the cafataria.”

“You play saker osumly.”

“You’re good at Star Wars.”

And several from people complimenting him on his storytelling, including the one from his teacher.

Which brings me to my next find: character names.

He has pretty good supervillain/monster names (“Evil Dr Fishhead”, “Clive the Caped Killer”, “Daranzo”, and “Hyarus”, among many)

…but my favorite character name of all? Freckles Divine. Love that one.

I’m only about halfway done with the pile o’ papers, but I’m excited about what I’ll find next. And though I have always known that he has a creative streak a mile wide, seeing all of his work in one place gives me new insight into him. Pretty great little weirdo I’ve got here.

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