Italy Day Five: Capri

Today we took a day trip from Sorrento to the Isle of Capri. We walked down the hill from our hotel and then down a bunch of stairs to the Marina Piccola, and took a ferry over to the island.

Part of Sorrento from the ferry. I love how the old walls seem to grow right out of the rock, and how the newer buildings incorporate the old walls.


In Capri we’d arranged for a private boat tour around the island. The bow of the boat was covered in a comfy cushion, with pillows all around. I highly recommend this method of seeing the island, and our guide (Rebecca of Capritime Tours) was great!

The boys getting comfy as we start out of the marina.

This is the entrance to the Blue Grotto. It’s 39 inches tall, so you have to lay down in a rowboat to get through the entrance.

Once inside, you’re rewarded with this view: glowing blue water, thanks to another, underwater entrance to the cave and white limestone cliffs that reflect the water. It was beautiful.


Below: videos from inside the Grotto. They’re kind of loud, fyi.

An old fort

Us about to swim through the Green Grotto. The water was chilly, but the waves banging around us from all directions made swimming through it hard work, so I warmed up pretty quickly.

Me after our swim

The Fariglioni, the location of the mythical Sirens.

Us with the Fariglioni in the background

Relaxing and warming up

Thanks to all the white limestone, the water color was gorgeous

Me and a boy

Warming up after the swim

So, this is a bus on Capri. In America, we’d put about 10 people on it. Here, I think we had close to 60. I wondered at first why the buses were so small, but once we started up the cliffs and maneuvered the hairpin turns, I understood: a bus any long wouldn’t have been able to make the turns. We were standing in the doorway, so Frank bore the brunt of my and everyone else’s weight when we made left turns. Cons: couldn’t really breathe. Pros: couldn’t see the sheer drop-off next to the bus.

After the bus ride up to Anacapri, we took a chair life to the top of Mt Solano, which is about 1900 ft above sea level. The chair lift ride took about 12 minutes.

This pic is of the boys behind me. I couldn’t turn around well so I just took pictures over my head at them.


View from the chairlift

A weird shrine thing in someone’s backyard that I saw from the chairlift. I was too far past it when I got the camera ready to capture the whole thing.

a boat on fire. what a nightmare.

toy boats

The Fariglioni from atop Capri

View of Capri and the Sorrentine peninsula from Mt Solano

Christopher opening the geocache we found on Mt Solano

Mt Vesuvius from Capri

The three of us on Mt Solano, with the Fariglioni in the background

Heading back down to the bottom. My camera died at this point.

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