Italy Day Three: Sorrento

After spending two days in Rome, we took a train to Naples and then to Sorrento via the Circumvesuviana line, which means “around Vesuvius” but should mean “hot as hell.” We would use Sorrento as our base for exploring Pompeii and Capri. We really, really liked being in Sorrento, in part because there weren’t any must-see sights, so we just got to wander and enjoy.

This was our first glance at Vesuvius.


The view from our hotel room balcony. We stayed at the Sorrento Hilton Palace. Highly recommend, unless you don’t like walking (it’s at the top of a hill above Sorrento). That’s Mt. Vesuvius in the background. It pretty much dominates the scene in this part of the country.


Check out this amazing pool. Because it was summer, only the outside pools (also amazing) were open. C really wanted to jump in.



Daily ration of gelato.


We stopped in here for some wine/cheese tasting. The proprietor was really cool & the wines were good.
Somehow he thought we were from Italy, despite the fact that our Italian is terrible.


More pictures of animals


View of Marina Piccola from the cliff.


Two handsome boys, with Vesuvius in the background across the bay.


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