It’s Squares All the Way Down

My laptop’s dying a slow death. One recent quirk, which may or may not be related to its impending demise, is that Firefox sometimes displays websites with squares in place of text on parts of the page.  Here’s a screen shot example:


 Presumably there was supposed to be product information in each of the boxes. Actually, I know there was because my mom was able to view the page normally on her browser at the same time that I was seeing squares.

After the third or fourth encounter with this quirk, I decided to ask the Internets if anyone else had experienced it. Sure enough, there were plenty of search results listing pages where people complained about squares in place of text. I noticed one of the pages listed was a Mozilla Q&A page, so I clicked on it , figuring I’d get answers straight from the source of the problem.  Here’s what the page looked like:

That’s right. The troubleshooting page about the square problem was all squares. I especially liked the “I have this problem too” button.

I should submit the screenshot to Firefox. I bet they’d get a laugh out of it. I know I did.

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