Keurig: Truth in Advertising

Keurig: from the Dutch for “excellence”

About 3 years ago I bought a Flavia Fusion single-serve coffee machine as a joint birthday present for my dad and myself, to be used at the lakehouse. He drinks tea every morning, and I drink coffee. I’ve had single-serve coffee makers for several years because I cannot manage to make a proper pot of coffee, and because I usually only want one cup anyway. I’ve had several brands, including Tassimo and Senseo – mostly cheapo machines because I wasn’t a coffee connoisseur – but I was ready to try out a better machine.


The Flavia Fusion

I went back and forth between the Flavia and the Keurig machines, and ended up ordering the Flavia. I knew going into the purchase that I’d need to order the coffee pouches online – they’re not carried locally – but that wasn’t a huge deal to me since, at one cup a day, it takes a while for me to get through a rail of coffee and I’d have plenty of time to restock before running out. My main concern was waste, and it’s possible to “upcycle” Flavia pouches through the TerraCycle organization. Plus, Flavia is owned by M&M/Mars, which was my dad’s employer at retirement, so I figured I’d help support his pension fund. And Frank said he liked the tea selection (they had a Flavia at work), so Flavia it was.

The Flavia worked out pretty well at the lakehouse, though we did have  trouble getting the water reservoir to seat properly without leaking a little. I liked it enough that we bought one for our house, too.

Two years in, we decided to give Keurig a try. I spent the same amount of money – about $150 – for a Keurig B70 Platinum brewer.  Here are the two brewers side by side:


In my opinion, the Keurig is more attractive. I don’t really care about that unless everything else is equal…but it wasn’t! The Keurig was better in every way that I consider important in a coffee maker, and then some.

Here’s why:


Tall cups fit under the Keurig spout.

1. The Keurig water reservoir is bigger, so you have to refill it less. Also, its location on the front of the machine makes it easier to refill. Conceptually, I like that the Flavia hides the reservoir from view, but Keurig gives the water a pretty blue glow, combining function & form.

2. The Keurig brews coffee faster. Both of them are reasonably fast, but the Keurig is definitely faster.

3. I can buy K-cups almost anywhere, in lots of exciting flavors. A good friend turned me on to the Donut Shop Coconut Mocha flavor – highly recommend.

4. The Keurig display & interface is easier to use than the Flavia. They’re both easy to operate, so the Keurig’s great interface is mainly helpful when guests want to make coffee and you’re not standing right there.

5. The Keurig has a timer, so you can set your coffee maker to power down during the hours when you typically don’t use it.

6. This one is one of my favorites: I can put my large, insulated cups directly under the spout on the Keurig. With the Flavia, I had to receive the coffee in a standard mug and then pour it into my traveler, which means two dirtied cups instead of just one.

It’s possible the current batch of Flavia machines can do most of the things I’ve listed above, but I felt it was a fair comparison since they both cost about the same.

Feel free to recommend your favorite k-cup in the comments. I’d love some more recommendations.

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