Milestone: the 50th State


This Sunday, Frank ran the Burlington, Vermont marathon in 3 hours, 9 minutes and change.   It’s a fast time, and another Boston qualifying time, but it’s also remarkable because it marked the end of his quest to run a marathon in every state and DC.   It’s an amazing achievement – and something only a couple hundred people in the world can say they’ve done. We’re proud of him!


Frank just after finishing his 50th state, champagne in hand


But wait, folks, there’s more!  This weekend, Frank’s sister Michelle ran her first marathon at Burlington, finishing in under 5 hours! Frank met her on the course after he finished, and ran in the last mile or so with her, crossing the finish line with her.

And, lest you think the story is over, both my brother Scott and my dad finished the marathon in record time – my dad grabbed another Boston qualifying time, and Scott knocked 30 minutes off his previous PR!!

Scott’s 50th marathon (38th state): 3 hours, 44 minutes!


It was a great trip, and I’m glad we had the whole family there to watch our runners have such a great day.  Here’s a pic of the four of them after the race – looking ridiculously good for having run a marathon:

I’m in awe of all four of you. You’re amazing!

Afterwards, we all celebrated and did some sightseeing around Burlington and then in Montreal.


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