2011 Mother of the Year

In Which Our Heroine Ruins Her Child’s Day.

C had a pretty rough morning today. He was sluggish and a bit whiny, and super forgetful. I had to remind him about responsibility & taking care of his things, but I could tell he was having a tough time (we’ve had a fair bit of that lately), so I decided to lay off and make the rest of the morning fun.

Still, when I dropped him at school, he sighed before opening the door and said he thought it was going to be a long day. Poor kid.

After drop-off, I came home to a text message that my cleaning lady was making a surprise visit today. (I know. I have it rough.) So as I was tidying up, I saw that C’s homework folder was on the counter. Totally my fault. I’d pulled it out of his backpack to check something and forgotten to put it back, which meant he wouldn’t be able to turn in his homework or do a last-minute review of his spelling words before his test.

As soon as I realized my error, I emailed his teacher. Her response was sympathetic, but she said she’d seen the email too late and had already made C write her a letter, about remembering to bring his things, during recess.

He still got a little bit of play time, but I feel like such a jerk. Not only had I made his already hard day even harder, but I did it by being irresponsible and forgetful. Which, you know, is what I’d gotten all mom-in-your-face to him about this morning. I know that in the grand scheme of things, this won’t be a big deal, but I still feel crappy about it.


Silver lining #1: This is a good opportunity for me to tell him that moms mess up, too.

Silver lining #2: This is also a good opportunity for ice cream.

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