Our Little Runner

Christopher ran his first* half-marathon yesterday with his dad, the 3M Half-marathon here in Austin. They both put in a lot of hours to get the boy ready, and the preparation definitely paid off yesterday. C looked happy before, during, and after the race, and dropped a 2 hours, 6 minute time, which is really fast especially for a kid.

The boys before the race

Scott at mile 5.5

C at mile 5.5

Off they go again!

A sign someone was holding at the finish line.

C approaching the finish.

I LOVE this picture.

I also really love this picture – just the way Frank’s smiling at Christopher.

The boys after the race.

Me & C after the race. Look how tall he is! (No, I’m not pregnant. I only look pregnant because I have their hats and gloves stuffed in my pockets.)

The giant cookie his Grandma made him. She made a couple hundred cookies for the Distance Challenge finishers, and one extra special big one for Christopher.

Christopher after breakfast, still grinning up a storm.


We checked the 3M results last night, and it turns out Christopher was the youngest person to run the race this year. And this might have given me pause, made me wonder whether he was too young, except that it seemed effortless to him the entire time, he never stopped grinning, and after the race he was still bouncing/jumping/playing around. I don’t think we’ll let him do a full marathon until he’s about 16, but I’m pretty comfortable (and impressed!) with him running halfs at this point.

Way to go, buddy!


* ok it’s technically not his first half-marathon to complete. Since he walked one with me a year ago, let’s call this his first half-marathon to RUN.

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