Our Little Triathlete

This weekend Christopher became the second triathlete in our household when he competed in the Hill Country Kids’ Triathlon. I *highly* recommend this race if you’ve got a kiddo who’d like to try something like this. The race director is awesome, the volunteers were wonderful, the course was great, and the distances are manageable even if a kiddo is still using training wheels.

Here’s Christopher before the race, setting up his gear in the bike transition area:

Even though Christopher is 6, the USAT rules determine one’s age by how old one will be on the last day of the year. So, Christopher competed in the 7-8 age group rather than the 5-6, which meant a 100 meter swim instead of just 25. He and I went to the neighborhood pool a few times to make sure he could swim the distance. He could.

But wow, I was so amazed how he just blazed through the 4 lengths of the pool without stopping for a breather, and was out of the water after about 4 minutes. Here he is warming up for the swim:

Here he is shivering, after the ‘warm-up’, before the race start:

And here’s him starting the race. They stagger the start so the kids don’t jump on top of each other:

Here is our little tough guy in the transition area, getting his gear on. We weren’t allowed to help him, but a volunteer helped him double-knot his shoes.

Because the bike portion was much farther than Christopher had ever ridden alone before (2.5 miles) Frank ran behind him. Several other parents did the same thing. We were really proud of him for riding his big boy bike, after only a couple days of knowing how to brake right and start by himself.

Here he is coming into the transition area again, after the completing the bike section.

Here he is about 20 yards before finishing the race (1k, or .6 miles) with a time of just over 35 minutes. He’s clearly tired, but determined.

Here’s the champ cooling off after the race:

And just for good measure, here he is calling Uncle Scott to tell him about the race, and to brag that he’d done a triathlon before Scott had:

The rest of the day was hilarious. Christopher kept asking for special treats & privileges, reminding us that, “Well, I am a triathlete.” He can’t wait for his next one (the Pirates Triathlon, at the end of September).

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