Project Chair Sling

When we bought our lakehouse in October, it came with a few items of furniture, including a bar-height table with 4 sling chairs/stools.  We really like this set because it sits up high enough to give a great view of the lake over the deck railing. But one by one over the course of a couple of months, the sling fabric on the chairs ripped through, like this:

My mom found out that some companies sold chair sling replacements, which was great news. Replacing the chairs would’ve meant spending $300/chair or so, an expense we weren’t really willing to take on right now. So, after a little research and ordering fabric samples, I measured the slings carefully and ordered replacements (from Patio Furniture Rehab, in case you’re in need of similar services).  The slings took a few weeks to come in, but they looked really nice and we saved a ton of money.

I was a little worried about my measurements, because they had to be accurate to within 1/4 inch, which means that if I’d done it wrong, we’d have spent $250 for nothing.  Happily, they turned out pretty well:

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