Project Garden, Day 3

Today I built and placed the garden planters.

At Lowe’s yesterday while C was at karate, I had them cut 2″x8″ lumber into 6-foot and 4-foot lengths, enough to make 2 planters.

Here’s the wood:

Here are the planters, 4 feet x 6 feet each:

Once they were built, they were too big for me to carry alone to the back yard, so I enlisted C’s help.

Here are the planters in the garden:

I plan to put some nice looking end caps on the planters, hopefully tomorrow night, and some intersecting pieces of wood to make a square foot garden grid. This strategy has worked pretty well for me on the other side of the yard, so I’ll continue with it for now, at least.

Then I’ll add soil and some veggies.

Next project: a path!

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