Pumpkin Carving at Casa Livaudais

Nearly every year (NYC Marathon conflicts aside) we have folks over to carve pumpkins a day or two before Halloween.  If you do it any earlier than that, the pumpkins start collapsing and look awful by Halloween night, so we were happy that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and we were able to carve on a Friday night.

This year we had a full house because, in contrast to our usual 40-50% rsvp acceptance rate, everyone but our parents and one other couple said YES. We bought throwaway plastic tablecloths and let people carve anywhere they could find free floor space.

The pumpkins turned out great, as usual.  This year many of the kids were old enough to carve their own, which was really, really exciting for everyone. Here’s one batch of pumpkins (We’re no Dave, but we have fun):


But the real fun of the evening was, for me, the preparation. I enjoy baking and doing silly themed treats, so Halloween is naturally one of my favorite holidays.  Here’s what I made:

Alien punch

These were supposed to be gnarly witches’ fingers. They turned out ok in appearance, but tasted horrible, so I hid them.


Skull cupcakes

And C never misses a chance to dress up. He did the makeup himself, too. I really like Frank’s crazy eyes in this pic .


The only downside was the aftermath, which isn’t really surprising.  Ten 8-10 year-old kids + pumpkins equals this:


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