R.I.P. “Big”

Christopher’s fourth grade class did a really fun project that culminated Monday (Halloween) in a Dead Words Funeral.

Each kid had to make a tombstone that honored a word no longer to be chosen in writing assignments – overused words like “big”, “pretty”, “bad” and “said*.”

Christopher’s word was “big.” Here he is, preparing to eulogize it:

(RIP Big. “You were a big help.” Survived by: giant, large, gigantic, towering, and humungous)

I love this idea. And it got me thinking: what words or phrases would I kill from use?  Just off the top of my head, here are some that make me cringe to hear.  Happily, some of them appear to be fading from use, but I’d like to hurry up the process.

Please Die:



  “first world problem(s)”

  “welp” (used as a slangy substitute for “well…”)

  “jumped the shark”

What would you add to the list?


(* Re: “said”.  I think it’s good for fourth graders to know you can state/exclaim/proclaim/announce/retort/sputter/mutter words, but ultimately, “said” gets the job done and doesn’t try to steal the show from the dialogue.)

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