Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma Wrapped in a Boy

Tonight Christopher and I met my parents for Tex-Mex and drinks and had a great time, as always.

On the drive home, C tried to express how hard it was to wrap his mind around the idea of space and time going on forever. He said his brain was used to things that could be measured, and that started and stopped. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to think about, and then it got really interesting: He asked me whether, before humans developed the language necessary to measure/divide things, it might have been easier for their minds to comprehend forever?

I was pretty blown away by two things: 1, that he was able not only to think about this, but also to articulate it, and 2) that it echoed what I’ve always wondered about the development of language: whether it puts limitations on our ability to sense things.  Sure, language gives us the ability to understand nuance – we’ve got love, and infatuation, and adoration, and limerence – but doesn’t it also force us to shove huge emotions and experiences into teeny, tiny, finite words?

So, I was busy being impressed by his mind, and gratified that we’re two of a kind, and in a pleasant contemplative mood about things, when C called me upstairs to look at what he’d done with his Legos.

This. This is what he’d arranged:

What. in the heck. is going on here?

Any idea?  I’d love some captioning suggestions.

My favorite part of this is that just when I think I’ve got the boy figured out, he does something so wtf off the wall that I have to shake my head and laugh.

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