Rome, Day Two

The boys in St Peter’s Square


The jumbotrons are all set up because Obama will be here tomorrow. Last time we were here, they were set up, too, and we actually saw Papa Bene in person.


Nothing remarkable about this picture except: look how big this kid is getting!


C took this picture inside the basilica.


Swiss Guard


Inside the Coliseum


More animals


C said he liked the colors of the buildings in this alley.


On the left: part of the Forum. Ahead, the building set at an angle: our hotel, Hotel Nerva. The rooms were typical (small) but the staff was really, really nice,and the location was perfect.


This was our second-favorite dinner of the trip. The wait staff was really nice, and C was telling them things in Italian.  Also hilarious was when the waiter asked where we were from. I assumed he knew we were Americans, so I said “Texas”. The waiter looked confused, and said, “Is in France?”  Yes. Yes, Texas is in France.


Christopher was happy because the people at the table next to us had a dog, and they let him pet her.


C is laughing because he just told the waiter, in Italian, “I have two dogs. I do not have a wolf.” The waiter was a little confused, but we all had a good laugh.


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