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I’ve really got to be better about getting Christopher’s pictures taken. Professionally, I mean. I take a lot of semi-decent pictures of him with my DSLR and many more with my phone, but I’m pretty bad about making an appointment to have it done right.

This is pretty silly considering that one of our close friends, Nathan, is a professional photographer who has offered to shoot Christopher many, many times.

So a few weeks ago I finally asked him to.  Here are a couple of my favorites, which by the way Nathan turned around to me fast enough for me to include in our family calendar for this year. NICE! thanks, Nathan!

Nathan also does a lot of other types of photography – notably, burlesque and musical artists. Check him out!

Disclaimer: I never just randomly endorse people or companies, and no one pays me to do so (I wish!). Nathan’s a great friend who does great work, and I think people should know it. That’s all!


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