Snowpocalypse 2014

Well, our front yard looks like this today:

So, obviously, we have a snow day! The whole city of Austin has come to a stop for the day.

I spent a lot of my childhood in places like Idaho (where it sometimes snowed on Memorial Day!) and Minnesota, so of course this makes me laugh a little. But I’m glad things have shut down. We’re so inexperienced driving in ice  – we usually get ice here, not snow – that it gets really scary on the roads. Here’s a headline from a local news site:


Among those 200 accidents were a 23-car pileup and a 13-car pileup. Everything really is big in Texas! Happily, I’m not seeing anything in the news about fatalities or very serious injuries, thank goodness.

We were hoping for a late start to the school day today, not for an outright cancellation, because a snow day means tacking on a school day at the end of the year in early June. Christopher says he doesn’t care and that a break in the middle is more significant than an extra day of summer. I tend to agree…but check back with me in June.

And finally, our weekend forecast. This place is crazy:

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