So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…

loquattreeI love loquat trees. They have large, glossy leaves a bit like a magnolia only more tropical looking, and they’re evergreen, so while everything else is brown or wilted, I have some nice green trees to look at through the “winter” here. And as a bonus, if temps don’t drop too far below 25 degrees at the wrong time, I’ll get fruit!

At our old house, I grew a loquat for a couple of seasons, but lost it over the course of one weekend (!) to fire blight, one of the only dangers that ruins these trees. It seemed random, as our neighbors also had a loquat maybe twenty feet from ours, and it was untouched by blight. I held off planting another one in that yard, but after we moved I saw a great deal at Red Barn and decided to go for it, buying two 6-foot loquat trees.

We’ve had some weird weather in the last year. We’re in the middle of an extreme drought, so it took a lot of hand watering and TLC from me to keep these guys alive thorough the summer. THEN we had a very early freeze, around Thanksgiving, and several more hard freezes throughout winter. The trees, about two weeks apart, produced a bunch of flowers and then some pea-sized fruit. Then it froze again, and the stalks holding the fruit started looking a little wilty, so I figured the freeze damage meant we wouldn’t be getting a crop of fruit this year.

But this morning, just to satisfy my curiosity I pulled one of the tiny, probably dead fruits off the tree, and when I broke it open, I saw that it was green inside!

So maaaaaybe there’s a chance I’ll get some fruit this year. Fingers crossed.



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