Spring + New Yard = Heaven

Like most people, and for most of the same reasons, I really love Spring. We’ve had a really nice one in Austin this year so far – a few really warm days but mostly really comfortable. It’s the kind of weather you can feel good while exercising in, if you don’t suffer from allergies (which thankfully, I don’t). I’m in a great mood pretty much all the time when the weather is like this. how could I not be?!

Spring happens every darn year, and every darn year I’m so excited about it. But this year is even better. Why? Because I have a new yard this year. A blank canvas for gardening, AND! Lots of really shady areas, which I’ve never really hard before. In fact, we have so many trees on our lot that it was tough for me to find a good location for a single raised veggie garden. And I’m still not sure it’s going to pan out, but we’ll see. Here’s the biggest planting area:



On Tuesday my dad was nice enough to take me to Red Barn, our local nursery (I love them!), in his truck so I could pick this up:


It’s a Japanese Maple. It’ll eventually be about 15 feet tall and wide. In Central Texas it needs to be mostly in the shade, and I have a perfect spot under the canopy of our oak trees. The maple will only get dappled sunlight a little bit of the day, which should be ideal. I think it’ll be a beautiful anchor plant for the rest of my garden, which I’m planning around it. So far I’ve got a couple of philodendrons and other plants that will get fairly large, and a big ginger plant that I’m hoping will come back each year:


I’m going about it slowly, so I won’t be adding a lot of color right away. I want a unique and lush mix of colors and textures, and I think it’ll take a little while to find the right combo of plants.

I did buy this Mandevilla plant, even though I know better. I usually can’t keep them alive for long. But it’s going to be different this time! I hope it thrives, and climbs up the tree next to it.



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