Today I got the rest of the veggie planter planted:


Here’s what’s what:
1. Tomatoes
2. Bell pepper
3. French filet beans
4. Cantaloupe
5. Zucchini squash
6. Cucumbers

I planted the cantaloupe on the corner so it can grow along the bed outside the garden. Last year’s plants had already reached about 15 feet long and had produced 3 tasty snacks for my parents’ dog by the time we moved in June.

Update 3/12: the cantaloupe have been eaten by something. Grrr.

I was also pretty excited to see potato sprouts! This one was the largest, but I saw at least 2 more poking through:

And we’ve got tons of lemon blossoms on my new tree. I’m not expecting fruit this year, or probably next year either, but I like seeing (and smelling!) the blossoms.


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