The List: On or Off?

Today, Frank and I drove through a Wendy’s in Waco during our drive back from Dallas.  The service was slow and subpar, and though the cashier was friendly, he was hapless and clumsy.  Also, they slightly messed up our order.

I think the final straw for Frank was when he opened his chocolate Frosty and found it only about 80% full. My words. Frank might say 20% empty.

(You might have been able to guess this was, ultimately, about ice cream.)

He announced: “This Wendy’s is on my list.”

I thought about this for a minute, then giggled. 

I would have declared the Wendy’s “off my list” and then disregarded it, putting it out of my mind and dismissing as a future refueling opportunity. But Frank….Frank would rather have the Wendy’s ON his list, in order to dislike it actively, and repeatedly.

I think this says a lot about the two of us.

So which is it for you? Do you put people on the bad list, or do you strike them off your good list?

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