I’ve now harvested two peppers from my vine. They are for some reason fairly elongated, instead of bell-shaped (but tasty nontheless):


Also growing: tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli.

I haven’t grown cucumbers before, and was surprised to see that the flower is at the end of the cucumber (see the dingy yellow thing at the end?) rather than the cucumber growing out of the flower like a pepper.  Who knew?

Pic taken 10/14/2009


Pic taken 10/19/2009. LOTS of growth & color improvement in just 5 days.


The lemons are also maturing nicely:


And lastly for today: we have a large burrow hole in our backyard.  It’s hard to get a sense of the scale from the picture, but I could probably put my arm in as far as I could reach, if I were so inclined. The tunnel leads under our deck.  I’m not super freaked out by this (the hole, I mean. I’m super freaked out by the idea of sticking my arm in there), but I am really curious about what could be living in there.



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