Viva Las Vegas


Well, I might have lost my mind: today I registered for the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas half marathon on December 5.

If you know much about me, you know that I’m not the runner in the house. In fact, of the three of us I’m by far the least able to do it. My one-lung issue has prevented me from being able to run for more than about a half-mile without stopping to walk. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to give it a shot. My friend Carla will be there, and after she finishes the race she’ll be renewing her vows with her husband. Seemed like a cool time to try it.

I ‘ran’ four days last week on the treadmill (little more than a mile each time) and once I get rid of this little chest cold I’ll get back to it. I’ll log my progress here occasionally, mostly for my own accountability. As of now, it takes me a ridiculous 14 minutes to finish a mile. I’d like to get this down to 10. I’m going to focus on increasing the mileage/total time in motion, and hope the pace improves along the way. If I’m actually able to pull this thing off, I’ll consider it a major life achievement. We shall see!

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