A Garden Upgrade

I love gardening, but I have two challenges:

  • First, it’s harder for me to breathe when I stoop down, which is required a lot in gardening. And I don’t really need things that make it harder for me to breathe.
  • Second, I have a four-legged garden ‘helper’ who loves to pull plants and bring them to me.

This year I decided to be nice to myself and make gardening (at least for my veggies) a little easier: I bought an elevated planter. Frank put it together for me last month, but thanks to cooler temps in February and lots of rain, I just got my veggies in the planter today:


My lovely assistant! (ok, *I* was the assistant. Frank did most of the work.)



In the planter: four kinds of peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, & oregano – and in a barrel next to the planter, roma and grape tomatoes.


I still have a drip irrigation system to install since the new, tall garden won’t get the benefit of drawing moisture from the ground or receiving water from the sprinklers on the rare occasiona we get to run them.

In the past 15 minutes I’ve confirmed two things:

  • Planting is MUCH easier when I can stand next to the plants to put them in the ground. Challenge #1: done!
  • Argus can easily leap into the planter and enjoys the view from there. Challenge #2: work in progress!

So I suppose some more training, and sort of barrier, will be next. Telling Argus NO! works if I’m out there with him, but I’m not always out there with him.

In other gardening news:

My dwarf peach tree is abloom. Maybe this will be the year I’ll get a peach or two?


Dwarf peach tree


And finally, finally, after 10 years or so of loquat tree failure, I have some baby loquats on the tree.  Even though our winter was long and gloomy, the temps didn’t dip below freezing very far or very many times, so the tree is able to produce some fruit. We can go a few years between loquat harvests –  if we have anything but a mild winter, or even a mild winter with a freeze at the wrong time (I’m looking at you, February!), it’ll kill a crop almost before it starts. You can see a few stunted ones that died before developing, but we do have some live ones as well. I’m very excited!


Baby loquats


Yay Spring!

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