Ain’t No Party Like a Mulberry Party

Ok, so thanks to my mom and my Twitter friends, I think we’ve identified the tree as a mulberry.

Unfortunately, I had Frank chop it down this morning because I thought it was a weed (it grew ridiculously fast).

From what I read, though, it’s nearly impossible to kill, so maybe it’ll come back.

Perhaps not.

(I’m also going to try to get a cutting to grow. We’ll see.)

In the meantime, I’ve harvested the berries I could easily reach:



Anyone want to come over for a mulberry tasting party? I don’t have very many ripe ones, but the unripe ones are interesting, too.  From here: “Unripe fruit and mature leaves have a white sap that’s intoxicating and mildly hallucinogenic.”

Perhaps this explains that crazy song about the mulberry bush.

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