Bahamas Day 6 – Thursday

The kids woke up and ran amok for a little while, jumping off the boat and swimming to shore to make more sand castles. We were in a pretty strong current at this spot, so if they wanted to jump off, they had to jump at the bow and then bob along til they got to the back of the boat to get back on. Christopher, of course, only jumped off the side, but he did inch ever closer to the dreaded bow.

Next, we sailed for a couple of hours and tied up at a place Bruce & Sheila referred to as Danger Reef.  They threw the leftover breakfast food over, and almost immediately there was a swarm of large fish and some sharks. We were told that the adults were allowed to carefully get in the water but that the children were to stay on the boat. Also, when our friends grabbed their fins, they were quickly told NO FINS – because wearing fins makes it much harder to get back into the boat quickly if need be.  With that in mind, about 10 of us slowly crept into the water to float and admire the sharks swimming around us.

This is me, really happy that I can float for the 2nd time in my life. Ever.


Not sure why it’s in black & white – I think I must’ve pushed a wrong button.

There were at one point about 15 sharks in our vicinity, and a few times they came within a foot or two of us – right under our bellies. They were mostly lemon sharks, but there were also a few black-tipped sharks and two bull sharks, so we were all cautious with our movements. They ranged from maybe 7 to about 11 feet in length. This was probably my favorite activity of the week.

After a while, we apparently all floated into a tight group, and the sharks started swimming faster and circling us, so Bruce told us to come back in. Heather was the last one in the water, and was just about to take a video of the sharks when a crew member threw the rest of the food in the water. Heather swam to the boat just in time, as the sharks starting darting toward her. Happily, no one was was eaten, though we did discuss, afterward, that perhaps not all of the parents should have been in the water at the same time. Oh well. Parenting Award #2.

After our shark swim and another short boat ride, we got to do my second-favorite activity of the week: snorkel a plane wreck.

Norman’s Cay used to house a huge cocaine smuggling operation. Bruce told us the runway there was as big as the one in Nassau. In the 1970s, a drug plane went down into the water and has been there since, partially submerged.  It made a great snorkeling site, and was fun for the kids because when they got tired they could just stand on the wings of the plane.  There were tons of fish around, the fuselage was still in halfway decent shape, and we saw a huge stingray. All in all, a great activity.

Our home for the week, the Bahama Star

Again, not sure why this video is in black & white, or why I couldn’t manage to hold the camera steady :)

We passed by a small island with a lone palm tree, made famous by Corona.


Finally, we stopped for drinks on Norman’s Cay at a place called McDuff’s, which is apparently a favorite place of Jimmy Buffett’s. Not being a big Buffett fan, I didn’t care a lot about this, but I did have a nice drink there.

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