Bug Soup: I’m a Lucky Girl

a trip down memory lane


See this little guy? This beautiful, shiny, irridescent little bug?

Once upon a honeymoon, on a dark night in a Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, I pulled back my covers to see this beetle on my pillow. With ninja-like reflexes, I dashed him to the floor, where I decided he was worth taking a picture of.

I don’t kill bugs that are not currently biting or stinging me (or, now, my kid), so of course I decided to free Mr Shiny. I carefully scooped him up, walked to the balcony, and opened the door. Frank was probably about to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but I was too quick. Ninja, remember?

What happened when I opened the door, you ask?

It’s important to note here that we really were in the middle of a forest, at night, and were in the only lit building around. So when I opened the balcony door to liberate Mr Shiny, room lights ablaze, a writhing mass of insects flew in.

You know how in Scooby Doo there’s almost always a scene where millions of bats swoop out of a cave and blot out the moon? Yes? I hope you’re now picturing the bug version of that.

Within 3 seconds there were thousands of bugs flying around in our room. No exaggeration. Frank dove under the covers, and I shrieked and ran to turn off the lights, pulling moths and other horrors out of my hair as I ran.  After the lights went off, though, I was unnerved by the ominous whirring skittery sounds of invisible bugs flying past me, and I knew I’d never get to sleep.

Then I had the brilliant idea of turning on the bathroom light, to attract the bugs to a place as far away from the bed as possible.  It worked! They all flew into the bathroom and had a big buzzy party. We were able to sleep that night and the next, but it wasn’t, as it turned out, an entirely elegant solution.

On the last day, when we came back from hiking to shower before checking out, Frank walked into the bathroom and walked back out, smiling and saying that I’d made bug soup. It had taken 3 days, but most of the bugs had died and fallen into the bathtub. Frank shook his head at me & smiled, sighed, and took his shower. The water wouldn’t drain because of the bugs, so eventually he was standing in about a foot and a half of bug soup. I opted to wait til the next hotel for my shower.

Frank was really nice about the whole thing. (He did suggest, however, that the next time I found a shiny beetle on my bed, I might consider letting him stay.) I’m always doing really goofy things, and Frank is ever patient, ever ready to mock me, and ever forgiving.

I’m a lucky girl.

Just for fun, and because I’ve been Girl Behind Camera lately, here’s a pic of us on the beach the next day (almost 11 years ago):

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