Dinner Conversation


C: Do you know what Timmy did in class the other day?

Us: What?

C: Well, he kept saying the word ‘skeleton’ but it was really supposed to be ‘selection’.

Us: Umm…ok!

C: But the funny part is that he looked worried when we were doing our work, and tried to copy off of my paper. He asked me, “What is this ‘skeleton’ about?” And I laughed and told him “The skeleton is mostly about bones”. And he freaked out because “Bones” wasn’t one of the answer choices.  But see, I really knew it was supposed to be ‘selection’, but I didn’t tell him because he was trying to copy off me. Heh, heh.

Frank: Good one, buddy.


Also, a few minutes ago I tried on some pants I’d ordered, and they were too big. Christopher came in while I had them on and said, “Yeah, mom, those are way too fat for you. Your legs aren’t nearly that fat.”

Wow. Thanks, kid.

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