Frittata Ta-Daa!

After talking to our friend Cristy this weekend, I decided to try cooking some frittata in a muffin pan to have easy breakfast meals on hand during school.

I used this recipe, but I modified it some. I think as long as the eggs are cooked when you’re done, nothing else is set in stone – the sky’s the limit on ingredient possibilities.

Here’s how they turned out:



You can see that some of these are slightly falling apart on the bottoms. I need a little better system for getting the hash browns not to stick to the bottom of the pan (and to crisp up a little more) but it didn’t affect the taste *at all*. They taste great!

All of these frittata contain some combination of hash browns, eggs, turkey sausage, spinach, bell peppers, and cheese. This helped me experiment some and also to accommodate the different ingredient preferences of our little family. (Frank doesn’t like hash browns, C doesn’t like bell peppers, I’m not currently eating dairy, etc.)

Next, I’ll freeze the rest (if I can stop eating them) and just pop them in the microwave when we’re ready to eat them.


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3 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    Looks and sounds delicious! I would probably go for the ones without the hash browns as well. Hope the dairy thing is going to be ok. :) Hugs Love

  2. Mapache says:

    Look great! Similar (in concept, not ingredients) to what we did w/apple pulp & muffin mix. Have you tried pan-frying the hash browns to near dark before mixing? Pan spray works great for me on getting clean release.

    • Shelley says:

      Thanks! I’d love that recipe if you have it. I thought about pan-frying the hash browns, but the recipe clearly just said “thawed” so I didn’t want to dry them out too much. I’ll do it next time for sure. I did use plenty of baking spray but only the fritatta with just egg and veggies came out of the pan cleanly. It’s fun to experiment, though!

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