Introducing Argus

This is Argus* the Vizsla.


Argus is the newest member of our family. As of this writing, he’s 8 weeks old and weighs about 11 pounds. We’ve had him a little over a week, but as it turns out, having a puppy is a lot more exhausting than we remembered, so I haven’t had a quiet moment til now to write about him.

We were planning to wait just a little longer to get a puppy, but since Vizsla litters from reputable breeders are hard to come by, the timing isn’t always under our control. We found this little guy with a great local breeder, Culver’s Legacy, and after an initial meet & greet, we know we’d be adding another to our pack.

Here’s what I love about Argus:

  • He’s super cute
  • He’s super cuddly
  • He’s smart – in the week we’ve had him, he’s learned Sit, Shake, Lay Down, and Kisses (instead of bites. We’re definitely still working on that one).
  • He sleeps through the night
  • He likes to point, stalk things and then pounce on them at the last minute. Things that he stalks include people, Jax, his toys, bugs, and sometimes shadows.
  • He loves his crate and likes to nap in it, and play in it from time to time
  • Because we have to watch him every second, Christopher is learning a lot about vigilance and supervision
  • Every time he eats or drinks, he puts one paw in the bowl as if to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. Every time.

On the other hand…

  • He is still very, very bite-y, and often defiantly so.
  • We have to watch him every second
  • He has a period of time each evening, ranging in length from 30-75 minutes, where he goes batshit insane. He charges us and bites us, then runs in circles as if possessed by a legion of demons who are themselves engaged in a bloody civil war inside his body. Happily, this is lessening each night in both intensity and duration.

He’s no worse than any other puppy, and considerably better than many. He’s really fun to have around 90% of the time, which I think is a pretty good ratio at this age.

The only major issue we’ve had is that Jax was really stressed out. This isn’t Argus’s fault per se; any puppy would have traumatized him. But we were pretty worried for a few days when Jax wouldn’t eat, kept his ears back at all times, drooled throughout the day, and even started digging holes in the backyard (while staring me in the eye, which seemed like a pretty big F.U.). We were just starting to wonder if, instead of providing Jax with another friend, we were driving him to an early decline, when he finally started to improve. Bit by bit he seemed to let down his guard. He wasn’t happy about the situation…


…but he seemed at least to be resigned to it.

Then, on Thursday, an amazing thing happened: Jax actually initiated play with the little rascal!


It only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was huge progress. I was so relieved I had tears in my eyes.

They’re not best buds yet, but at least we know Jax is coming around, and we’re all a lot more relaxed – which I’m sure makes Jax feel even better…which makes us more relaxed…and so on.

So, welcome to the family, you cute little devil!


His eyes are starting to change, on their way from puppy blue/green to a rust color that will match his fur and nose in a few months.


* Why Argus?
Argus was Odysseus’s loyal dog (also spelled Argos), and is also a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. All three of our dogs have had New Orleans-themed names: Bacchus (parade), Jax (a New Orleans beer), and now Argus. We have a couple other NOLA-related names that we like, but of those he really looks like an Argus to us.


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  1. Nana says:

    He is very cute! He seems to be fitting into the family nicely. Hugs Love

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