Italy Day Four: Pompei

Today we hopped back on the Circumvesuviana for the 30-minute ride to Pompeii. We’d been told to expect extreme heat, and it was pretty hot. But we had a great day. If you’re planning to visit Pompeii, you should know that it’s huge, and that a guide is a good idea – either a person, or one of those headphone audio tours. We didn’t do this, and wanted more details about a few things we saw. We were able to overhear bits and pieces of other people’s tours, which was nice.

The view from the main entrance to Pompeii. This is one of the only parts of the city that isn’t flat.


Of all the things we saw in Pompeii, the floors amazed me the most. There were all these intricate mosaic floors, and it astounded me to think that they survived intact over 2,000 years and despite a volcano and later the ground covering them. Maybe that actually helped preserve them, I don’t know – I didn’t get the tour.


part of a mural left on a wall of a house


We saw a few of these little bright green & yellow lizards.


This was a shop of some sort. There’s an oven and a long counter, so we were speculating that maybe it was a bakery, or maybe a place to buy pottery/kitchen stuff?


I sort of like how they took an ancient water spout and added a modern hose to it. Sort of.


I couldn’t get closer to this scene, but was amazed by the detail and color that are still there. This was one of the few floors they didn’t let us walk on.


A lady, a boy, a ruin, and a volcano


A pretty shrine in Pompeii. Check out the detail work.


The killer volcano seen from Pompeii.


This dog made us laugh. We did not pet him.


The low, tan area is an old lava flow. the side of the mountain was really beautiful, with the yellow flowers blooming everywhere.


The three of us and the crater of Mt. Vesuvius. We used this picture as proof of visiting a geocache.

A boy on a rock on a volcano in Italy.


View of the bay of Naples from the top of Vesuvius.
(Sorrento, where we were staying, is the peninsula you see across the water)


In the middle area you can see little wisps of smoke.


This is the path we took up the hill. It’s steep and dusty/gravelly. Frank pulled me up most of it because the heat & elevation made me sloooooow.

This was how I was greeted when I finally made it down the volcano to the bus.


Me on a bus.


Daily ration of gelato. I think this time he got stracciatella.


The pools were connected by “slides” such as these. Both boys went down them, of course.


The kid’s got a rough life.


The Hilton pools and the hills of Sorrento beyond.


The two boys on our walk to dinner.


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