Jackson Hole & Idaho

The weekend before school started, we flew to Jackson Hole for a quick end-of-summer trip. Frank, Scott, my dad and about 15 other runners we know did a marathon near Mesa Falls, Idaho, and I got to visit one of my favorite places for the second time in 4 years. I feel pretty dang lucky that we get to travel as much as we do.

Some pics:


the famous, slightly macabre antler arches, downtown Jackson Hole

Looking down into Jackson Hole from the Teton Pass

Christopher with Uncle Scott

amber waves of grain & purple mountain majesties

Me making a wheat angel. It’s a lot less fun than I’d hoped.


Five ridiculous men, after finishing 1-pound burgers (and running a marathon)

This dandelion was about as big as my fist

Another Boston qualifying time for Frank!

Frank getting an age group marathon award

Lower Mesa Falls, Idaho

The top of Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho – beautiful display of mist, moss and sunlight

Old Faithful

Old Faithful and Young Cynic

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