Learned Something New About Myself Tonight

Throw another quirk on the pile.

Tonight I found some garlic in the fridge that I decided I’d use for the chicken ‘n black bean chili I was making.   It had been in there for a little while, but at first glance appeared to be ok.

I peeled the first clove, then pinched off the end, and saw a little flash of green.  For some reason, it gave me a little uneasy shiver. I picked off a piece of the clove, and saw more green. What the hell? Was it mold? I picked off a little more, but I was starting to feel a little nauseated and didn’t know why.  Finally, I peeled it back to here (some of the green broke off in my hand):

It turns out that the garlic had been in the fridge long enough to start sprouting, and I was seeing what would eventually be garlic leaves.

What I don’t understand is WHY IT FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT SO MUCH.  I think it might be because, when I tried pulling the green thing out, it felt like trying to pull out a fingernail, which reminded me of Black Swan. That scene really bothered me, and stayed with me for weeks. If you haven’t seen it, sorry for biasing you ahead of time. If you have, you know exactly which scene I’m talking about.

It also reminded me of the nausea I’ve felt when contemplating the probably psychosomatic “ailment” called Morgellon’s disease, one of the symptoms of which is little itchy threads/fibers poking out of the skin that people feel compelled to pull out.

All I know is that when I look at that clove of garlic with its nasty fingernail leaf inside, I feel a strong sense of revulsion.  Anyone care to armchair psychiatrist me?


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