One is the Loneliest Number?

bubblenest_032713Check it out – my betta has started building a bubble nest!

Male betta fish build a bubble nest in preparation for breeding.  Apparently, beyond laying the eggs, the female is pretty uninvolved in the breeding process and should be removed from the tank after she deposits her eggs.  Here’s a really cool description I read about the process from wikihow:

The male will finally get the female under his bubble nest and they will embrace. It may take a few embraces to produce eggs. Then the female will go into a ‘zombie-like’ state while the white eggs fall to the ground from her little white ovipositor. The male will swim down and scoop them up, putting them one by one into the nest. Some females will help with this once they recover, but others will eat the eggs, so watch carefully and remove her if she is eating them. They may embrace many more times, but eventually the female will stop releasing eggs.

Like most betta fish, mine lives alone. It’s supposed to be a sign of a happy betta that he’s building bubble nests, which is great! – but my human brain thinks it’s a little sad it’s destined to be an empty nest. C does have a female betta in his tank…..hmmm…


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