Pinhooks…Because I Don’t Know How to Necklace

I think I’m just not bright enough to figure out how to use a jewelry box correctly. My necklaces end up in a big, tangled mess and it’s really annoying to separate them when I want to wear one. I have a decent jewelry box, with square felt compartments, but I apparently am not woman enough to make it work for me without a hassle.

I also don’t really like the idea of necklace trees (are they even called necklace trees? I have no idea) because most of them require you to remove a bunch of necklaces to get any single one of them off the tree. This greatly increases my already significant chances of dropping/tangling/mangling them.

But I’m a big fan of finding a System That Works, especially when it comes to storage and organization, so I did not lose heart. I took to the Internets and found out about pinhooks! They’re pushpins with hooks at the end. So simple. So brilliant.

And here’s what I did with mine:


I couldn’t get a great picture because of the tight quarters in the corner of my closet. you can’t see but there are two more rows of necklaces below this one.

I decided to put my necklace holders in the side of built-in shelves in the closet, so I did have to hammer nails partway in, take them out, then push in the pins. Hammering the pinhooks did work, but it bent the hooks closed which wasn’t helpful for my purposes.

I have about 25 pinhooks left to find other uses for. I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

This probably reads like an advertisement. It’s not. I’m just happy to have found my System That Works.

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