Project Garden Beautiful: Day 1

We have an L-shaped area in the back yard where, for lots of reasons, the grass isn’t thriving.  Part of the problem is that the trees are forming a canopy over the area, so the grass is having trouble finding sun. Part of the problem is high traffic. Part of the problem is that, a couple of times a year for the past few years, we’ve set up a big-ass inflatable water slide…and left it up for a week or two, effectively killing the grass underneath.

We’ve fought to bring it back, but under the advisement of our good friend Mark, who owns a landscaping company, we’ve decided to have the grass ripped out and just turn it into a garden space. 

I’m really excited about this, as it’ll give me my first chance to really have a nice shade garden area, as well as more space for veggies and some colorful perennials (as many natives as I can, but it won’t be exclusively native.)

So you can imagine my enthusastic response when we returned from a weekend trip to find the area all ripped up and ready for me to work. It’s a beautiful, dirty blank slate.


Here’s the area before:

The area in the far corner will be ripped out. It’s getting shadier each year and the grass is failing.

View from back fence looking up toward front of house. It’s about a 4-foot elevation loss from front to back.


And here’s the area as it is right now:

We’ll continue the limestone edging around like this:

Looking up the yard from back toward front

Looking down the backyard from gate.


Next up is to figure out how to put in 2 very short retaing walls and a path of some sort.

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