The Garden of Misfit Fruits

Thanks to the cool nights and mornings, I’m seeing some major growth in my wee garden. Here’s a pic of what’s in there currently:

The strawberry plant is making fruit, but very very tiny fruit. I need to find out whether this is a normal size for this variety or if the drought is stunting the growth.

A bizarrely shaped bell pepper. It’s growing very quickly, though, and there are tons of baby peppers on the other pepper plant.

The black bean plants have finally recovered from their crispy state and are developing nice healthy leaves. Whether this leads to beans is too early to know.

broccoli plants. Nothing much going on, but I’m encouraged by new leaf growth.

My cucumber plants have gone wild.

On the other side of the yard, my lemons are growing and some are starting to turn yellow. If they’re going to be as big as the last batch, they’ve still got a ways to go. Growing lemons is a lesson in patience.

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